A Little About Me



Welcome darling!


My name is Nikita and I live in Sydney with my husband, Ray and our puppy, Luna. I'm a little too loud, occasionally sarcastic and utterly in love with shoes. Having started my love of fashion very early on, I found that it gave me an incredible platform to build my confidence and have fun trying a completely different look from day to day. One day I was fairy princess, next day I was head to toe classic black - today, who knows!? As I've grown, my sense of fashion has evolved into a sense of style. Though I love fashion, and always will, I'm a firm believer in the classics and what suits you... with my own twist of course. 


Style also allows me to explore other creative mediums. Having already dabbled in make up artistry and interior design, I'm embarking on this fashionable adventure with an open mind, a grateful heart and absolutely no expectations. Hopefully these pages bring you inspiration, make you smile and encourage you to try something new.