'What the *$&^ have I done?' was my first thought when I quit my job. Second thought was 'Holy &#^* I just did that.' Third? 'YAY!'

It's nearly been a year since I resigned the job that nearly killed my marriage before it had even started. One whole year. It's taken nearly all that time for me to recover, recoup and relax. Coming from an incredibly stressful and soul-sucking environment to spending so much time in my lovely cozy home has been a bizzare change... One I'm not really used to yet. Who knew it's actually OK for you to take time out and re-evaluate? That spending time on yourself and the ones you love enriches your life more than working for the man? Furthermore, who knew that as humans we need to do that every now and again! Sounds crazy, completely self-consumed and bloody blissful. And it is, I'm not even going to lie.

Fast forward to the now, nearly 365 days into my new life and I'm totally unsure. I'm over thinking things, lagging on inspiration and worst of all behind in my new studies! The cure, having a '*^&# it' moment and just starting a website. It just happened, like tonight at 5pm. Ah well, that's one thing you'll learn early on about me, I'm impulsive!

Here's hoping that this new direction inspires creativity, challenges, amazes and enriches me. And you. Why not start now, the possibilities are endless.



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