So, I'm going out on a limb here and throwing out my first outfit post... please be gentle. As wedding season has well and truly begun and oh my, it's shaping up to be a whopper, I figured I would throw it back two years ago and start with my wedding... Cause, well you know, I bloody loved it.

Upon getting engaged all I really knew regarding my dress was that I didn't want it to be white. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing white however I am notoriously clumsy and it would have just been tempting fate for me to avoid sitting in something or dribbling food down myself (which happened anyway but thankfully the photographer had left!) My favourite colour is purple so I had the vision of wearing the most romantic shade of purple I could think of, lilac. Turns out, this was the first dress I tried on, weird how that happens! I was in Lisa Ho with my Mum and sister and I saw this baby and fell head heels. They only had my size in navy, which I tried and LOVED but I still had my heart set. I took a leap of faith, ordered and paid for the dress in my size before I'd even tried it on. So friggin happy that I did.

The way I felt wrapped in the softest silk you can imagine and such delicate draping, was just beautiful and excited - very excited. Tears were shed and my heart soared. With the finishing touches of a vintage brooch as a headpiece and a diamante belt backed with navy velvet ribbon I was ready... I was in such a hurry that my Dad had to keep me from running, literally, down the lavender lined aisle to my Husband.

Photos by Kate Nutt

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