Never have I ever loved a city more than Sydney. I love that it's roads make no sense and that there are constantly new places to discover and beauty to see. I love that there is an abundance of beautiful beaches, amazing coffee and that in summertime footwear is optional. No matter how far I've roamed, all of me returns to this city. Well, until our honeymoon.

First time to the USA and naturally amazing excited as we were newlyweds. Ray somehow got some sleep on the plane even with me slapping his arm every minute or so when I couldn't contain my excitement anymore and just had to squeal... literally. We landed at JFK (after the marathon run that is LAX) and I was in awe. Even cried in the cab when I saw the Empire State Building. From the moment my feet hit the sidewalk, I knew that this city just understood me. It understood that I am crazy, loud, ever so slightly obnoxious and in love. Because of our understanding it surprised me with something new on every corner. Some new creativity that just ignited an eternal love for this city in me. Eyes full of wonder, I absorbed every detail, every spot of pigeon poo and every leaf of Central Park.

My heart skipped a beat every block we walked, every yellow cab that drove past and every time we got filthy looks from New Yorkers for being the uninformed Aussie's walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk (FYI, keep right in the USA!) After our 8 days in this eternally changing city, our time was up and my heart wrenched at the thought of leaving. Even though we were off on another adventure (Caribbean, OMG) and a little bit closer to the amazing Australian coffee, I still didn't want to go. Though my soul remains a proud Sydney-sider my heart has been stolen by New York. And my husband, I guess they'll have to share it. I truly heart New York.



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