As Sydney shimmies into spring the weather is keeping us on our toes. One moment the sun is flooding through windows and temping you outdoors, only to torrentially rain the second you're beyond running distance from your house. Therefore you're left to resemble a drowned rat while making your way back to shelter.

My gorgeous cousin had her bridal shower on one such day, so I had to improvise. Mixing a maxi skirt with ankle boots was nothing new or groundbreaking but it just felt so damn good. Warm feet and bed socks with flowing silk loveliness to cover my goose bumped legs, what could be more perfect? Paired with my four day old blow dry, a white tee and navy blazer I was ready to face whatever the elements threw at me - which turned out to be a fat lot of nothing, typical.

Blazer - River Island, Tee - J.Crew, Skirt - Faddoul The Label (old), Boots - Peeptoe (old), Necklace - J.Crew (similar here), Sunnies - Prada



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