When you have the chance to dance like a two year old at christmas around in a vineyard, you do it right? You dance like nobody's watching, enjoy the moment and all that crap. Well, I did get the chance and I revelled in it. Kicking up my red dirt covered tootsies amongst 800 acres of perfectly pruned vines was pretty bloody fun. It was also totally worth the weird conversation I had to have afterwards to explain my actions to 12 bewildered farmers who greet you with 'what the hell was that all about?'.

Earlier this week Mum and I meandered down to Griffith to assist with some meetings for one of Dad's start up companies. Getting out of the city is always refreshing but this time it was like I was looking through a different pair of eyes. I swear, I had my mouth open half the time marvelling at the way the light changed the landscape, how many shades of green I could see and just how much work goes into growing the foods I consume in vast quantities. I'm always grateful to have the chance to travel, learn, explore and run through paddocks - that is till I get told roughly how many brown snakes there are per field. FYI, it's a friggin lot.



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