I turned 27 last month. I've just gotta let that sink in... 27, when did this happen? I still get pimples for *$+^ sake, I'm not ready for this! I have now reached what was my scary age when I was 19. The age when I would have to have my life together, sorted and settled. In reality, I have no freaking clue what I want to be when I grow up. I feel like I'm still a kid, in a ball pit, with ice cream covered hands and fighting with my siblings. Seriously, WTF.

When I was younger I loved my birthday; cake, presents and lollies that were otherwise off limits. Now, I loathe the date that will bring me another year closer to menopause. Now I'm all about sunscreen, everywhere, all day, err day. Does it go higher than 50+? Does this product keep wrinkles at bay? When do I seriously start thinking about Botox? Yep, I'm an idiot, probably more so as I'm making these chaotic thoughts public. Even more worrying is that I'm so bloody absorbed in myself that I'm watching life go by and not giving enough thought about the bigger picture or what I'm missing. Or how pathetic this sounds.

I look at the incredible women in my family who each play such a vital role in my life; My mother and mother-in-law who are the most selfless women on earth. Always there, steadfast and solid. My grandmothers who wear each wrinkle proudly as it shows how much they've laughed in their lives. My sister and sisters-in-law who's love is unconditionally and unwavering. My auntie's who have shown patience and strength no matter what was thrown at them. Here I sit in my pjs, procrastinating and I feel inferior to the thoughts of all these amazing women.

To remedy this situation, all one can do is kick one's own ass. So, here we go - Get up and remember why you started in the first place. Remember what inspires you and why you set your goals so high. Remember, you have 27 years of laughter behind you and who knows how many more you'll get. Get your head out of the sand and watch the sunrise. Get your game face on.



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