It seems odd to me now that as a kid I never liked the beach. I hated the sand, the heat and the waves crashing into me as I battled the rip. Being a natural red-head I am in danger of becoming a lobster impersonator anytime I step out the front door (or indeed stand near a window) so naturally I stay out of the sun as much as possible. I never really knew what I was missing out on or why my siblings were gob-smacked when I whinged that I wanted to go home the second my foot hit the sand.

Fast forward to the present and oh how things have changed, and really there is only one man to blame/thank... my husband. Ray grew up in Papua New Guinea and as such, the island lifestyle is a huge part of who he is. If there has ever been a man to change even the most stubborn of women, it's this kid. Once he sucessfully turned me from pissed off and sunburnt to an island princess (only in my own head) the prep work was done. Off we trotted to St Lucia in the Caribbean for the second stop on our honeymoon and DANG, this place blew me away. Chrystal clear waters, breathtaking sunsets and lush rainforests - I was in awe. In my efforts to avoid ending the day as a crustecean I discovered a landslide of 50+ products that shield me from the elements. Armed with my new found protection Ray and I explored so much of the island, and the more we looked, the more Ray was reminded of home. Though PNG is thousands of miles away from St Lucia, I felt like we got to experience a part of his home on our adventures.

Only time will tell if Ray deems me ready to visit PNG, one things for sure - I could Caribbean again in a heartbeat.



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