After planning meals, plotting routes and packing everything but the kitchen sink (cause the car already has one) we were on the road up to Brisbane. Well, not everything - we managed to bring all the GoPro acessories but leave the camera charging at home! (GAH!) Ah well, shit happens. Surprisingly I was experiencing a pleasant sense of excitement and anticipation on the drive up, which I can assure you, doesn't happen when we go 'bush'. The atmosphere was intoxicating at the dock as we drove onto the Micat to take us across to the island, everyone was just so dang happy! When the boat hit the shore we were off onto the golden sand of Moreton Island, just off the coast of Brisbane. I was ecstatic. Not only to be on holidays, cause let's face it they're pretty great, but because Ray was away with me, without his phone! Everyone needs time out and especially one who works as hard as he does, I think he even enjoyed it once he got used to it.

We had six beautiful days on the island and the more time we spent exploring, the more I was floored by the scenery on this sensational sand island. From secluded beaches to champagne baths beyond the lighthouse to the inner tracks carved through the forest. I was looking around like a kid in a candy shop, mouth open and wide eyed. The colours of the water, the squeaky clean sand and the intense Aussie summer was the magic trifecta. We spent the days exploring all the inland tracks, hunting for oysters and in my case, in the blissfully calm waters under my trusty umbrella. The nights were spent laughing around the fire with quite a few pear ciders and attempting all manner of creative cooking methods. Though it was school holidays and landing the perfect site was all but impossible, we had SUCH a good time! I had never really gone camping before I met Ray, thankfully he is Mr Prepared and literally thought of everything to keep us as comfortable as could be. Even mozzie coils, spray and roll on — bloody effective when you use all three at once!

Usually when I think of a holiday I picture a plane and some far off place that's on my to-do list but the more time I spend exploring Australia, the more I fall in love with this country. Its beauty is so completely breathtaking in it's unassuming natural state, it truly is one of a kind. Next on the list, The Kimberly!



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