Right, I'm on a mission. After I finish this chapter of my book, wash the dishes, hang the washing out - THEN my mission will start. Oh wait, I need to marinade the meat for dinner.

6 days a week I'm focussed like a nutter, ideas and action spewing out of my head and eyeballs. Ah Thursday, we used to be such good friends. Working full time made me appreciate you so much, you came hand in hand with Friday which was why I loved you so. Now, I don't know, it's just changed. Saturday on the other hand, I bloody love you. Smash through school work, spend time with my beloved and even make him food he swears is edible. Today however is a landslide of crap. Thursday's it seems are becoming my new Sunday. The only day of the work week I dont have a scheduled gym sesh and mighty milo does it show. It's like there is a world of possibilities and I can't nail down even one to do first so I imagine all of them, from my couch, till 4pm then I mentally kick my ass for not accomplishing anything. Please, please tell me I'm not alone.

Call it procrastination, laziness or low motivation but I'm going to roll with Thursday being my sloth day. I'm going to stop kicking my own ass and allow myself to have time on the couch, soul time if you will. If I stop fighting it, who knows - I might even accomplish something! I learnt one thing though, who knew you could write a blog post on being slothlike? Not me, that's something new.



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