Tokyo 2.0

I couldn't help but dedicate a whole post to the cherry blossoms and seriously, can you blame me? I cannot explain how I felt when I first saw them. Standing under the trees in Inokashira Park, staring up with my mouth open and tears in my eyes - no joke, I was so emotional. Ray had gone wandering off to find an Asahi from a nearby vending machine and I was left to hold my own hand and gaze up in wonder. Even though we were there the week after the initial bloom there were still so many blossoms to admire for which I was so grateful. In the middle of the park there is a lake and you can rent swan boats for a few hours and paddle around, how magical is that!?

There are so many parks, even just streets in Tokyo that are covered in blossoms so if you miss the first week of bloom dont fret, there is still so much more to see. We first went to Inokashira Park then onto Shinjuku, which was just sensational. If you ever get the chance to walk these parks I would whole heartedly encourage you to go, even for an hour. The natural beauty is astounding.

Even looking back at these pics from April last year it just brings the wanderlust to the surface again and makes my feet crave new ground to explore. There is something about travel that enriches my soul much more than anything else I could buy. Time to start planning the next trip I think!



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