Au Revoir

Every now and again there comes a day that just stands out in every possible way. This particular day had my sister, Courtney, and I gallivanting around Sydney taking photos, laughing and generally acting like idiots. Ending with a sensational salad at the Boat House Balmoral, a quick dip in the big blue and with one fairly sunburnt shoulder we headed home. Singing the entire soundtrack to 'Burlesque' along the way, completely oblivious to our spectators giggles in traffic.

Sydney in summer is a lot like my siblings. Some days are just shining, perfect and full of laughter, others you're too hot, cranky and stressed. Thankfully this city, just like my amazing siblings, loves me anyway. Sayonara summer, come back soon!

Dress - Seed Heritage, Wedges - Salvatore Ferregamo



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