The idea of starting my own blog came to me nearly two years ago and FINALLY it's actually happening. There was nothing standing in my way of starting earlier, I just never had the confidence to take the first step. I always had an excuse, help, money, time — all bullshit. I just didn't get my ass into action because I was scared. Scared that people would laugh, make fun or have a negative opinion of me, my style, my body or the content I dreamed up. Getting cranky with myself that I've wasted all this time before leaping into motion isn't going to get me anywhere, using the time I have now however, will. Who cares if unnamed people are talking about you, let them talk! If they're taking the time and effort to talk about you then take it as a compliment. Back yourself, always. Don't hesitate and always say yes, even if you're scared. Actually, especially when you're scared, it's the best way to move forward.

There's always time, resources and reasons to start walking towards your dreams. Another piece of advice? Smile, you're beautiful.

Top - Witchery, Skirt - Witchery (old) similar here



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