You may already know this but my husband is a fan of 4WD's. When I say fan, I really mean that it's become a necessary activity for him. Its part of his therapy, his outlet for dealing with stress. So in order for me to support my better half it's something I have really made an effort to encourage, even if it comes with the occasional side of camping. There's something about being in the bush that just lets him escape himself and focus on the task — be it a steep hill, deep bog hole or ruts that you could loose the car in, it pushes him to think creatively to overcome the obstacle. It's weird, when I first told him that I was impressed by his creativity he just scoffed at me... as though he thought that creativity was only for girly girls (like me) who love and lust after sparkly sequins and high heels. When I pointed out that creativity didn't just involve glitter but rather it was a mindset that enabled him to think outside the box he was more open to the idea — instead of thinking I had meant to insult him.

I won't lie, I scoffed big time when he initially invited me to go for a drive in the bush all those years ago. Though I'm not a mad camper, I really do adore getting out of the norm and driving the road less travelled. Getting to see places I would never have come across and holding his warm hand while staring in wonder at the natural beauty before us. Sometimes it's a breathtaking valley, a pristine beach or like these images, just a beautiful light flooding the track.

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