I used to think the world was just black and white, good and bad, yin and yang... you get the idea. Obviously that was the thinking of a girl who had infinite wisdom and knew everything — yeah, right. As you grow and mature you, well me cause this is my word vomit, I found that I didn't know anything at all. Not one thing. Assuming that there was only two boxes in which I could sort life experiences, relationships and choices... how freaking small minded? Once I started to open my eyes and really saw what was going on in my life, where the choices I was making were leading me and what kind of person I was becoming it slowly, like glacially slow, dawned on me that I was missing ALL the beauty in between. The infinite shades between black and white is where the good bits are. Ok so maybe they're not all good but hey, how else are we going to learn?

I'm a firm believer that you're never given a challenge that is impossible for you. It will test you beyond belief but you will always come out the other end stronger, smarter, more grateful and therefore more beautiful.

Top & Shorts - Alannah Hill, Blazer - Theory, Heels - Christian Louboutin



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