Shanghai was a random tack on while we were between Hong Kong and Tokyo last year and so it was that we didnt really have any expectations, just open to whatever happened while we were there. As such, I was so surprised how beautiful the city was! There was such a European feel about the streets and buildings, it was just so unexpected. Walking along the Bund and taking shelter from the insanely cold winds and constant rain in HUGE shopping centres was all in a days wandering. I have to admit, when we were packing the average temps were 17-19 degrees so we just packed jeans and coats, not the full blown snow gear we required! The city had an unexplained cold streak where temps hit 2-3 during the day and the rain never ended so unfortunately night exploration was a no go BUT the city lights from our hotel room were just stunning to look at ... through a window, with cups of noodles to warm our freezing fingers. Still, it was so worth it!



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