When I was at school I was amazed at how fast friendships changed depending on the gossip or fashions of the day. I attended a co-ed performing arts school it just seemed like all day, everyday there were kids that put themselves above the others, feeling superior cause they had more money, high social status or saw themselves as more talented. I assumed that it was a trait that we would grow out off, kinda like pimples or the whole 'resenting your parents' thing. Turns out that as I've grown and dare I say it, matured (eek!) I really just can't be bothered to give a shit those kinda people. Gone are the days where I will let anyone tell me how to feel, what to do, how to dress or even what I should weigh - may I just say good riddance!

When I look at my friends now they are not scared to tell me the truth, to be the mirror I sometimes can't/won't see. To have the honour of helping someone through trials and troubles is so special and for them to be there in the same way for me is extraordinary. I crave friendship with someone who my soul just clicks with, that time and space don't matter because when you see them again, its like no time has passed. There are a handful of humans who I love unconditionally, all I can do is make sure they know how much I value them.

Top - Witchery (old), Bra - Lonely, Shorts - Alannah Hill, Heels - Wittner, Clutch - See by Chloe



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