There are things I whole heartedly invest in - My marriage, friendships and relationships ... then there are others, like shoes. Ever since I was little I was digging through my mother's wardrobe to locate her snakeskin sling backs and dreaming of the day they would fit my little feet. It can sometimes seem pointless to invest in shoes when all I do is walk in them but to me they are just works of art. Mostly these extraordinary shoes are paired with the worlds cheapest outfit and to me that makes a perfect balance. Though I save my booty off for the next pair (which takes a LONG time) it just means that I really think of them as special, knowing all the efforts it took before the exciting moment of handing over the cash, I'm proud of myself when I finally slide them on. All that aside, please, please, please remember that just cause others may have lots of 'things', doesn't mean they are more successful or in any way superior to you. These things are just that, things! Material things will always deteriorate and devalue and lets face it — they don't come with us when we depart this life. Though I do have a love affair with shoes I want to leave something more behind than just my collection.

Coat - Asos, Wrap dress - Review, Lace Dress - Witchery, Heels - Charlotte Olympia



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