Having been born and raised in Sydney naturally my clubbing and nightlife days were spent gallivanting around the city and stumbling around on the always beautiful but horribly impractical cobblestones of The Rocks. Even in my hazed state I remember concentrating so hard on not ruining my heels in a sneaky grate on the street. You may insert an eye roll here if you like. I was so focused on looking at my feet I never really saw this pretty little slice of my city. This was happily remedied with completely sober days spent with my sister wandering around we stumbled (figuratively this time) across this staircase that floored me — how had I not seen this before? Just goes to show even the most loud mouth woman can be rendered speechless, another life lesson learned.

Jumper - Uniqlo, Skirt - Lover, Heels - Gianvito Rossi



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