There was a time where I thought I would be in leggings forever... Yes ladies, I nearly gave up. Finding pants to fit my child bearing hips has always been a challenge, throw in them booty gains and it's been damn near impossible. Years of fruitless searching and finally, I found them. Enter Mr Maticevski with his wide leg, high waisted, flared perfection. Not only are these beauties designed AND made in Australia, the customer service that Team Maticevski provides is sensational. It cannot possibly get any better, in a day and age where courtesy and kindness is getting harder to find, I cannot fault them. I've been an admirer of his for a while, but now, it's an eternal love.

Coat - Honey & Beau, Top - Alannah Hill, Pants - Maticevski, Heels - Christian Louboutin, Sunglasses - Stella McCartney



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