Believe it or not, this dress is actually a 1920's nightgown. Yep. I happened across this beauty at a vintage fair I was at a few years ago with my mum. Silky and perfectly feminine, it just needed a zip and it was good to go. "Go where?" asked my bewildered husband "I don't know, somewhere!" I needlessly replied. Seemed appropriate to style with a dark pedicure and my Lisa Ho cape, which was the eBay score of my life. Even more fitting was the swing we found when looking for whimsical gardens to shoot in, if only every day was this enchanting. To add some realism to this fairytale, we had a gardener watching and laughing the whole time BUT by the grace of my dance training I didn't fall off the swing! I will admit, I came bloody close.

Dress - Vintage, Cape - Lisa Ho



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