Random items, music and fragrance have a way of instantly transporting me back to a time or place. They may not be particularly huge or life changing moments but they're definitely nuggets of memory that stayed with me for a reason. This jumper happens to be a reminder of my Nan. Big, cozy, warm and the perfect shade of baby blue. She lives in Perth and would always send over these intricately knitted jumpers for us, this is very similar to one I had when I was little. It reminds me of her hugs, laughing over cups of tea and her patiently teaching me to knit — which I failed miserably. Though time flies and we're just along for the ride, I'm glad there's a way for me to start my highlights reel and re-live the moments that don't seem big at the time, but I'm grateful I never forgot.

Skirt & Jumper - Lover, Heels - Tabitha Simmons



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