Confession time. There are somedays I am on the ball and ideas are spurting out of me like crazy. Then there are others when I feel so creatively drained it just seems like the worlds biggest effort to get my ass up and keep going/working/creating or at the very least - put on actual pants. There are days that I just feel like staring at the TV or some other mindless activity and veg. Considering I work from home and there is a very real possibility that I can be in my PJ's all day, I still need those sloth days. Sometimes they're followed by a flurry of activity and sometimes they're followed by a sloth night with take away pizza and a glass (ok, three) of red wine. You know what I've come to realise - IT'S OK!! It's OK to sloth when your body and mind tell you they need some down time. Do not feel bad or dwell on an unproductive day cause guess what, they happen to everyone - It's called being human! One thing that has seriously helped my mental health is listening to what my body/mind/subconscious/feet need and somedays it's lazing at home in my hoodie, others it's new shoes (purchased from my couch in my hoodie) and sometimes it's getting the hell out of the house and sitting on a beach to get some perspective and clear my head (in my hoodie). Considering this is a style blog can we pretend it's a really glamorous hoodie instead of my husbands one that needs a wash? Yep - real talk... cause no one can be 'on' and 'glam' all the time.

Dress - Seed, Boots - Aquazzura



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