Ah the old 'off the shoulder' top, there's something so sexy about it. Even though this one is tent like at the same time, it just feels so dang good to wear. You can eat a lot and even *gasp* let your tummy relax instead of pretending it's a 'natural washboard' (am I alone there?) With all the perfect looking people going around looking perfect, I say screw it - let's just be us. Yes! My booty wobbles when not in extra tight pants I can only stand in. Yes! When I sit my tummy has rolls. Yes! Some days I leave the house looking like something that got caught behind a semi-trailer on it's way up the M1 but hey, no one's perfect. It's all about clever angles, flattering shapes and good lighting!

Top - Chicwish, Pants - Alannah Hill (old), Heels - Christian Louboutin



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