MBFWA with Tempus Two

Sweaty palms, shaking knee caps and my nervous laugh was what I brought with me to my first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Navigating my way through the glamour to the Star Lounge for a cooling glass of Tempus Two rose I was doing my best to fit in with the uber cool crowd. When I was seated, the lights dimmed, the music started and the models commenced their walk, I forgot my awkwardness and was just captivated. I was also trying to calm my slightly flustered self after finding out at this moment that my camera had no battery (yep, rookie error) I started my one woman paparazzi impersonation, inwardly blessing my fully charged iPhone. From floating blush beauties by Bec & Bridge to Alice McCall's sunny mini dresses and Kaliver's metallic masterpiece I was making a list in my head of what I just had to have. Happily the slip dress, fringing and black lace as well as our obsession with shoulders are going no where anytime soon. I also delightedly added metallic midriff tops and blush toned everything to my lust have list right next to everything Camilla ever made. Now, to sit back with my new favourite rose and re-live the show over and over again, thank you iPhone and Tempus Two!


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