We live in the age of following. Everywhere I turn people are trying to whip up a following, following people who live what appears to be a glamorous life - THEN following those followed people to hotspots to be seen/instagramed in the hope of being followed. I guess in a way we're all guilty of it, especially me. In admitting this to myself, I'm now searching for an answer to this question - what is it that makes you want to follow someone? Is it what they look like? What they stand for or how they dress? Perhaps a little from columns 'A', 'B' and 'C'? It's OK, there are no wrong answers - heck you don't even have to answer out loud. For me over time I've realised it's about learning more about myself by exploring as much as possible. There are those who inspire me endlessly, there are those that make me laugh then there are those who make me question why I am doing what I do with my life. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Does that make me a sheep that just bows it's head into the flock and follows the leader? All these questions are rolling around my in head, perhaps I'll get the answers one day.

Shirt - Oxford Men's (similar here), Skirt - Maticevski, Heels - Saint Laurent



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