Here's one for the record books, my year 10 formal dress restyled and toughened up with a leather jacket I found at the markets. Initially when my mum told me to quit buying crap and start to invest in classic pieces I rolled my eyes, thinking that what I was wearing in the good old days would never date (insert another eye roll) but when I swallowed my pride and took her advice I'm still amazed at how much I've kept vs how much I've thrown out. Hopefully it's useful for you to know what has withstood the test of time.

1. White tee

2. Blue jeans

3. Breton stripe top

4. Black blazer

5. Ballet flats

6. Trench coat

7. High waisted skirt

8 Denim jacket

9. Cashmere jumper

10. Silk shirt

11. Black pumps

12. Ankle boots

Of course the classic colour choices are black and white but if you're willing, take it one step further and include navy, camel, maroon, green (khaki or emerald are great) and don't forget leopard print. Mix and match these neutrals to your hearts content, the possibilities are endless!

Jacket - Zara (old), Dress - Lisa Ho



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