I see a maxi skirt much the same way I see a coat, the best part being - no one knows what's underneath them! Both are ingenious when it comes to hiding spiky legs or trackies (or both, no judgement) all the while looking put together on the outside. I surely can't be the only one who has rolled their eyes at the thought of showing actual leg, the effort involved is just too much some days. A classic maxi will take you from summer to winter in the blink of an eye. I've had this one for years and I have no intention of cheating on her...yet. Never say never though, isn't that what they say?

I hope you've had an amazing weekend - I've been in Orange for my husband's birthday. Check back soon to see what we got up to!

Jumper - J.Crew (old), Skirt - Witchery (old), Flats - Valentino



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