Packing for a weekend away and feeling the familiar flicker of panic as you stare at your wardrobe and think "&@*#"? You're not alone, in fact I did this last week in prepping for our trip to Orange. Here are a few tricks that helped my heart rate slow enough to get organised;

1. Check the weather - I know it seems like it's common sense but it never hurts to be too prepared! We saw snow and I was in sneakers so...

2. Pick a colour scheme - I went with darker tones like purple, navy, khaki, black and grey. Mix and match whatever's clean and you're ready to go.

3. Layers - we were heading into nippy conditions so layers were a necessity but even if you're going into warmer weather, a simple light layer (over or under) changes an outfit significantly.

4. Keep it simple and comfortable - after all, you want to be enjoying your time away!

After all this cold weather in Sydney I'm craving some sun and sand, perhaps it's time to plan another getaway...

First look: Beanie - Erin Louise, Coat - Asos, Shirt - J.Crew, Cami - Witchery, Jeans - JBrand, Sneakers - Witchery

Second look: Hat - Stanton, Sunnies - Chanel, Scarf - Unreal Fur, Top - Saba, Jeans - JBrand, Sneakers - Witchery



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