How cool is this, all items I'm wearing (except the heels) have been in my wardrobe for years. Yep, years. In the process of swapping over all the hangers in my closet and thoroughly sorting through what I had, I was re-discovering gems left, right and centre. All these discoveries and I ended up with a new look from old things, genius! This cape was the eBay score of my life and the blouse and pants were picked up and sales 3-4 years ago. Just goes to show that being unorganised can mean you can go shopping in your own house... wait, that's not really good advice... perhaps do the opposite?

Beanie - Erin Louise, Cape - Lisa Ho, Blouse - Alannah Hill, Gloves - Alannah Hill, Pants - Witchery (old), Heels - Armani



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