Winter skin sucks, well for me anyway. We're now smack in the middle of winter and there are only a few products that will truly assist my skin to avoid reptile status and retain hydration as long as possible. Usually I'm an SK-ii user (will post more on that later) but I've recently added these two bad boys to my bucket of skin love I slather on weekly.

First up on my love list is Aesop's Purifying Facial Exfoliant, this was a life changer for me as I've got quite sensitive and fair skin so I have always marked like a peach. This is one of the only exfoliants that is gentle enough for me to use once a week with no irritation! Ideally to start the hydration journey it's best to exfoliate first, lightly buffing away those dull skin cells so you can rejuvenate the skin beneath. Just a pea sized squirt of this amazing smelling paste on wet skin and, moving in circular motions, lightly banish those dead skinny bits. Major plus, make up sits fabulously on exfoliated skin.

Next up is the Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque which, to my delight (cause I'm lazy), is gentle enough to sleep in! Hydrate while you snooze and wake with beautiful moist skin. I've been using this at night once/twice a week, depending on how dry I'm feeling, after my usual skin routine - loving it so far!

These hydrating hero's, coupled with drinking loads of water on the daily, has really helped me - hope they help you too!

P.S - Still trialling their Damascan Rose Oil so will report back on that one soon!



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