Is it just me or have stockings been all but forgotten in mainstream fashion? I feel guilty as I am one of the many who had thoroughly under appreciated the humble stocking for a number of years. When I was styling this look it just seemed like there was something missing, it lacked polish - cue a box of forgotten Leona Edmiston stockings smacking me on the head as I rummaged in my wardrobe for the missing piece. The same way that Newton was struck on the head with the apple, I was struck on the head by my brainwave of stockings. BOOM, perfect! Major points to them for properly dressing my white (slightly spiky) legs in a ladylike way.

Scarf - Witchery, Jumper - Uniqlo, Skirt - Theory, Stockings - Leona Edmiston, Boots - YSL (old)



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