Even before the days I was working in make up I'd always been partial to skincare. Mum started me pretty young on the cleanse, tone and moisturise bandwagon and I must say, I am totally grateful that she did as it taught me that taking care of my skin was a give and take relationship. If I loved it, cared for it and respected it enough then my skin would just shine. And shine in did ... well, until I had the acne rod of death inserted in my arm (Implanon). From this moment on my skin was terrible - weekly eruptions of sore, red, blind headed pimples flooded my face and nothing I did made any difference. Masks, treatments, a landslide of facials and lots of crying later, I couldn't make the mountain range of redness budge. In hindsight my skin actually got worse the longer it was in my arm, the existing molehills stayed red and sore for weeks and new ones would just join the party no matter how much I cursed them. After 7 months of persisting I cracked it and told the doc to pull it out, I wish it was as simple as that to fix the aftermath.

Fast forward two years and my skin is still finding it's way back to normal, with the discovery of SK-ii it's on the mend - thank god for that! I started with the cleanser, essence and moisturiser and slowly built up my regimen once I learnt more about how the products worked on my skin. With the addition of the masks (life changing, can't recommend them enough!), the eye cream and the serum my skin is rapidly kicking the acne rod of death's ass and healing like a champion! Any redness calms right down in record time and my skin has never been this well hydrated. I know that it's a huge financial investment for skincare and it can be hard to maintain but I swear, for me at least, it's been well worth it. Even just starting with the essence along with your existing skin care will help ten fold!

Just to clarify, this post is not sponsored at all, I just bloody love the effect these products have had on my skin. If you're at your wits end I would definitely recommend giving them a go!

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