Jeans are my fallback, failsafe, not so secret loves. It's always been harder to find jeans that actually fit my child-bearing hips and account for them leg gains so I wanted to round up a list of my favourite denim's and buying tips just incase you find yourself in need of a new pair and have no idea where to start.

Firstly, I see jeans shopping as a pain in the patootie. It almost never happens as the stars literally have to align for me to be in any kind of mood to funnel my lady lumps into ridged denim in a small, brighty lit change room without making sounds like it's prime ape mating season. So, I always make sure I'm not in a rush so as to avoid getting flustered and therefore cranky and therefore walking out with nothing.

Secondly, zero moisturiser on those pins baby girl! Ever seen that episode of Friends where Ross makes a paste in his haste to pull up his leather pants? Take it from me ladies, it'll save multiple swear words.

Thirdly, I know everyone says to avoid denim without any kind of elastic in them as they generally wear faster BUT just like the humble legging, it makes them so much more comfortable! Look for jeans with a small amount of 'give' in the fabric, as you break them in they'll become like a second skin.

Lastly, high rise or high waited jeans are my all time favourite. They help you avoid plumbers crack, keep your kidney's warm and generally fit better.

So, here's my top three;

Black denim - goes from breakfast to drinks and everywhere in between. I've had my black Nudie's for nearly 5 years and they are just as perfect as ever. I went for skinnies but you can go bootcut, straight or even leather if you're game!

Blue denim - the all time classic, goes with absolutely everything and eternally stylish. Again, I went for skinny jeans but try a few styles to see what suits your figure - always go for what suits you over what's on 'trend'.

Ripped denim - choose from dark blue, acid wash, white and black. Keeping the colour classic gives a great starting point for endless top, jacket, coat, heels, flats combinations.

Coat - Camilla & Marc, Cami - Witchery, Jeans - Nudie, Heels - Saint Laurent



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