Clearly I'm having a moment with pale pink and white and to be honest it's showing zero signs of slowing down. This pink ruffled dream was a happy discovery during one of my (many) online shopping escapades and I have big plans for this come spring. The light floaty fabric is perfect for hot days, hot nights and everything in between.

Speaking of hot days, I want to let you in on a little secret ... I wear sunscreen everyday. And I do literally mean everyday. For my body I'm addicted to the smell and texture of LeTan's 50+ Coconut Lotion. Sweet, coconuty goodness is the scent of summer and it makes me so happy when I catch a whiff. For my face I use Actinica 50+ sunscreen and I freaking adore it. It's slightly sticky but gives a lovely dewy finish and hasn't made me break out at all. I whack this on every morning in an effort to fend off the damage/ageing/crap that sun exposure can cause. I know we hear it all the time but you really do have to protect your skin everyday - god I sound like my Mum. Hi Mum!

OK now I've had the sunscreen/responsibility rant I kinda want to encourage you to go out and do something crazy and irresponsible like have ice-cream for breakfast and refuse to wear a bra... oh wait, that's just what I'm doing now.

Top - Chicwish, Pants - Witchery, Heels - Acne Studios



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