If I had to choose the perfect body, I would stick with what I know. I know that perfect is an idea we've set for ourselves knowing it's unattainable and therefore making us feel like we've failed - often before we've even started. I also know that bodies need to be healthy and functional in order for us to enjoy this amazing life we have. So, keeping that in mind - what would you choose? I choose the one I have. I choose to love the crap out of it, take care of it and I'm amazed at the love it's given me back. After years of abusing my body, berating it for not being what I thought it should be, I've accepted that my lady lumps and bumps are beautiful and that realisation has helped me escape the negative prison I had built for myself. Now, I'm free.

Bikini - ASOS, Dress - Seed Heritage, Hat - Lack Of Color



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