Over the years of developing my style, boy oh boy, did I make a faux pas or twelve thousand but the most helpful thing I retained is that as fashion is a form of self expression, there is no right or wrong! Phew - what a relief. I often look back at photos from just a few short years ago and can't believe the difference in my style. Yeah, yeah - the classic's never die and all that BUT how do you find the ones that you will love forever? Unfortunately, I don't have a black or white answer for you because it's all about interpretation! For example, I found this gorgeous skirt on my recent trip to Perth and couldn't be happier to discover the elastic waist (oh so comfortable and yum cha friendly) yet keeping the cut simple and adding pockets made this piece a must have in my book. Maybe it's fate or maybe it's taking the chance that the next store/website/Instagram pic might just hold your next must have. Making this purchase even sweeter was discovering another amazing Aussie brand!

Now, I KNOW you've heard of people bang on about the K.I.S method and it my opinion, keeping it simple doesn't get any better, or classic, than this. Pairing light, bright linen and silky, sexy satin make for a pretty perfect combo in my noggin. Adding a red lip was just to make perfectly sure my hair would stick to my mouth in the persistent wind ... just another glamorous day in the life of Nik!

Shirt - Uniqlo, Skirt - Empire Rose , Heels - Saint Laurent



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