You guys have probably noticed by now that I'm not really a massive accessories kinda gal. Shoes are a necessity/obsession but as far as bags, headpieces and jewellery - I'm really quite boring. I mean, I have them but it's a rare occasion that I'll consciously pull them out. I never change my jewellery, preferring to keep to my wedding band and studs ... could you feel the 'but' coming? BUT in my unpacking I decided to decorate my office with all the pretty things I own but never wear in the hope that in keeping them in sight, they'll inspire me to actually throw them on before leaving the house. Turns out it's been fairly effective... the only downside is, with all my shelves full, it's a bloody lot to dust!

Dress - Witchery, Choker (worn as headband) - ASOS, Hairpiece (worn as brooch) - Ruby & Crickette, Heels - Sophia Webster



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