In looking back on outfit posts I'm realising I have a uniform of sorts. Skirt, top, heels or dress, trench, heels. Occasionally I'll throw out the pants, top, blazer and heels combo if I'm feeling really daring. The funny thing is, I'm not yet bored with it. Instead of focussing on the separate pieces and wondering how many ways can you actually wear a shirt (if you're bored enough, it's hilarious to try to get to 10!) instead I'm loving the focus on texture over colour lately. I've written before about the basics that I feel make up a great wardrobe but I'm thinking I left somethings out. So, to remedy this, I propose the below list as my top 5 textures to play with if you're in the mood for a change.

1. Lace

2. Crepe/wool

3. Silk/satin

4. Fur/hair

5. Fringe/feathers

I can feel myself coming into a feathery period which will be interesting to see how it plays out coming into summer! So darling, tell me, what are your favourite textures?

Shirt - J.Crew, Skirt - Seed Heritage, Heels - Charlotte Olympia



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