Time to strip off those layers baby girl, it's FINALLY Summer! Well, for us Australian's anyway. Steaming hot Aussie days always have me reaching for the lightest, natural fabrics I can find. To be frank, nothing's going to stop you sticking to every surface you touch, but once that breeze hits you, you'll be oh so thankful for the airy fabric you're clad in. Linen is at the top of the list so I heartily embrace the inevitable creases it comes with. Cotton comes in a close second along with any other fabric that's not part polyester. I am unashamedly that person who checks the tag on every piece I buy, often scoffing openly at the high percentages of synthetic fabric. Yep, I'm THAT person. No regrets.

Blazer - Yasmin Racquel, Dress - Thrifted, Heels - Aquazzura



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