Another day comes to a close and I still haven't packed, organised myself/house/business or blogged. I've been having the kind of week that just seems exhausting - do you ever have those weeks where it all just seems to fall into one big 'too hard' pile? Oh, please tell me I'm not alone cause then I can share with you my plan to remedy the situation. The solution came to me while I sat staring at my computer with Gilmore Girl's re-runs playing in the background and Netflix asked me if I was still watching... 90's pop! The perfect way to get my up off my ass and into gear - well, to cook dinner at least (but that's a start, right?) On goes the Spice Girls playlist on the loudest possible setting and it's impossible to sit down. Within 15 minutes the cushions on the couch are plumped, I'm mid-blog post and dinner's in the oven being burnt due to my new found musical distraction. All in all, I'd say this is a win/win!

We've got a wedding this weekend in Brisbane which I haven't yet commenced packing for so after we consume the mostly burnt dinner I will start the packing ... more likely, after ice cream. Yep, then I'll pack.

Top - Witchery, Skirt - Third Millennium (old), Heels - Aquazzura



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