As 2017 starts, bright and early I know it's usually the time to start yelling about your resolutions and how you're planning to stick to them well into February, but this year I'm hesitant to label it a resolution, I want to make a behaviour change. As I get older it's become clearer that I've picked up what equates to an enormous laundry basket of bad habits and I'm yet to drop any. I swear like crazy, I'm the first to crack the most inappropriate joke often without thinking about who I'm actually talking to (occasionally scaring them for life) and I'm asking less and less questions of the people I'm around, usually preferring to stick to sarcastic banter which is pretty much my comfort zone. Time to stop, step out and grow up - so yes, if I must have a resolution I want it to be this, my behaviour changes now. It's certainly not going to happen overnight but little by little, day by day, I want change my habits in the hope of evolving into a better human.

Happy New Year my loves - may it be the best yet!



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