In addition to being slightly too enthusiastic about shoes, I'm also fast coming to the realisation that I have quite a big passion for light coats. My adoration comes for many reasons; they're easy to layer over pants, dresses and skirts, comfortable, double as a blanket on flights and they look sensational. While in Australia it's not always suitable to wear a heavy wool coat (though I love them too!) a light silk, satin or cotton throw over adds exactly the type of nonchalance my everyday wardrobe needs. Yes, as I write this it's close to 30 degrees and I'm sweltering like a hippo but give it a few weeks and you may find yourself grabbing your favourite duster as you fly out the door.

This beauty I found on ASOS a while ago and it's now unfortunately sold out but here, here and here are some other's I've got my eye on!

Coat - True Decadence, Dress - Witchery, Heels - Tony Bianco



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