In recent weeks it's been harder and harder to get away to the beach house for some good old fashioned soul time, so I was beyond grateful to have last weekend away with my loves - turned out to be a weekend packed full of impromptu work but at least we were there together laughing the whole way through. With the project done and dusted, it was off to our favourite spot to do a quick shoot just for fun. Luna was running amok falling in rock pools and photobombing at every available chance. I can't tell you how much that little girl makes me laugh.

I found this unbelievably amazing kaftan at a fashion event last year and happened to utterly fall in love with it's creator, Libby. Full of beauty and laughter, this woman is the embodiment of her brand and such an inspiration. If there's one thing I love it's supporting and empowering our fellow women to succeed! Keep it up girl!

Kaftan - Libby Watkins, Hat - Lack of Color



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