By now you know I'm partial to anything that's blue. Literally, anything. What you might not know is that I utterly despise wearing red. Pink or berry shades I can manage when it's not of the fluro variety but red and I have never really gotten along. Having always been just slightly envious of so many other women who can effortlessly wear red, I admit I was kinda stumped at a way of making it work for me. Naturally red hair and a pink based skin tone means that inevitably end up looking like a sunburnt crustacean when the colour comes near me. In the interest of facing fears, never letting something get the better of you, refusal to look like a crab and all that crap, I've been determined not to let this daring colour unnerve me. So, how to tackle this bold, fabulous, romantic shade? Blue, baby! Using the red sparingly and cooling down the whole look with a few shades of blue was a fluke (was half dressed and the doorbell rang so on went the first thing I could see!) and to my delight, I adore the result.

Happy Monday my darling! It's been a fairly crazy few months and this week is turning out to be no different. I'm off to stay in the city for a few nights to attend a conference that's all about empowering women (YAY!) and then up the coast for a day trip to see one of my all time favourite friends. Hopefully after this week things will calm down again for a few days at least so I can attack the spare room and finish at least one thing on my to-do list. Here's hoping!

Trench - Seed Heritage (old), Top - Witchery, Skirt - Seed Heritage, Heels - Sophia Webster



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