Are you a pants person or a skirt person? Historically I've been a skirt girl but lately I've been cheating more often than not with the pantaloons. Perhaps as it's getting colder and stockings just seem like WAY too much effort, pants were fast becoming a 'go-to' but if there was ever a skirt to pull me back onto the straight and pleated pathway, it would be this one. This ASOS creation has been well and truly stocked in my closet in so many different colours and I've no intention of being ashamed by this fact. Forever high waisted and mid-length, this style suits my curvy body from top to toe.

Happy Sunday my darling, I hope you're having an amazing weekend!

Coat - Cooper & Stollbrand, Top - Witchery, Belt - Alannah Hill, Skirt - ASOS, Heels - Paul Andrew



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