More mulberry love on the blog today and I am amazingly happy about it. This two piece by Morrison is top of my most loved pile that's currently laying all over the lounge in my office because I'm far too lazy to put it all away. Lately I've been going through my wardrobe and being rather ruthless about what to keep, donate and sell - is it just me, or do you have to be in a certain frame of mind before attempting to downsize your possessions? This is my no means my first rodeo so I thought I'd share with you my top five tips to assist in your clean up goals;

1. Make sure you're in a good and decisive mind frame. Don't keep things just in case they'll fit you later - they just make you feel like crap! Let it go!

2. Try EVERYTHING on and style it at least two ways before admitting your eternal love for it.

3. If you are going to have an alterations pile, make sure are realistic about the changes you wish to make.

4. Just because it does up, doesn't mean it fits properly. Be frank, love and flattering are two very different things!

5. Be generous. There is always someone with less than you so donate as much as you can - you feel bloody good doing it knowing it might make someone else's day!

Top & Skirt - Morrison, Heels - Sophia Webster



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