I'd like to think we've all been standing in front of our wardrobes at some point, staring at the volumes of clothes before us and still thinking that there's absolutely nothing to wear. Nothing. Cue the frustration and immediately reaching for your phone to peruse Pinterest for the latest in street style cool while plotting an entire french girl wardrobe purchase. While I'm not really known for my calm temperament, there are a few things I do to avoid the inevitable blow up (which happens, hey I'm human) and keep a cool head.

Have you ever tried a wardrobe edit? Pulling a few of your favourite pieces out of the pile and hanging them together on a separate rack or doorframe? It's a pretty refreshing way to dress and often helps me in pairing pieces together I'd not thought of before. Add shoes, bags and jewellery to mix and match for the week, then do it all again!

Stick to what you know. I know blue suits me in any shade or form and I know that I feel confident while wearing my most beloved shade. For the days where time is against you and you need to choose between getting dressed and having breakfast make it simple for yourself. Don't set an expectation to look as put together as Olivia Palermo if you've got 5 mins - stick to the classics. Remember, if it ain't broke, roll with it.

Be realistic about what's on the agenda for the day. If you're a full time mum then perhaps an all white look is not perfectly practical but what if you're oh so over black? Try khaki green, grey or navy - or even a combination! For the cooler months grab a massive scarf (or blanket, no judgement) to throw on to hide any coffee spills, or muddy paw prints in my case.

Be prepared. Currently the weather swaps from cool to warm within 10 minutes but that doesn't mean you're going to be caught out. Lightly layering tops with at least one warm option is genius, a grey cashmere turtleneck under a white shirt is a match made in heaven. I'm even becoming a fan of throwing a bustier over a jumper to add volume and interest.

When in doubt remember that all clothes are interchangeable and washable - nothing is permanent!

Jumper - J.Crew, Bustier - Sass & Bide, Pants - Seed Heritage, Heels - Acne



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