As much as women have evolved, so too has the pressure surrounding what we should be achieving with our days, the pressure to 'have it all' just seems as unattainable as the Sydney property market. The expectation placed on us, not just by our male counterparts but by fellow women, to be successful in our careers, caring mothers, thoughtful friends and loving partners - the list is endless. I refuse to believe that the idea of 'staying in your own lane' is antiquated and no longer valued. Why do we compare ourselves to other women, often it's not even comparing like for like! Social media allows us to promote the most glamorous parts of our lives, by why compare yourself to someones edited, styled highlights reel? Rejoice in your life and for what you have in front of you, find something everyday that makes you grateful for the life you lead. It helps me to remind myself that even on my worst day, there is someone in this world dreaming of the life I have. Surround yourself with people who value you, see potential in you and love the shit out of you for exactly who you are. Don't put up with toxic relationships or anyone who wants to drag you down. Aim high, stay grounded and be true to yourself. You are far too precious not to be seen raw, real and beautiful.

Trench - ASOS, Tee - Witchery, Jeans - J Brand, Heels - Chanel



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