It's rather unsettling that in one moment I can firmly resolve to not buy anything for my wardrobe for 30 days BUT then The Outnet throws me a '30% off the skirt you've been drooling over' email - needless to say I caved. Happily it's just as glorious in person as it was online so I have zero regrets. I wonder how long I'll stick to this whole 'stop shopping' business. My husband's betting I cave again within a week... Have you ever gone for 30 days cold turkey? If so, PLEASE pass on your wisdom and advise me how you managed it! The only thing I've come up with is to just not open my emails, which let's face it, isn't very good for business.

In other news it's one week to go till Fashion Week and though I'm only going to one or two shows I feel amazingly under prepared and overwhelmed. This is the first time I've been invited to the shows during the week, last year I was lucky enough to go on the weekend with thanks to my Tempus Two family. It's a rather dizzying/intimidating/exciting prospect however my goal is to stride on in with a big smile, not to trip over and just enjoy the experience I'm oh so grateful to have. Hopefully my amazingly talented cousin will be there as my photographer in chief so there will be many amazing shots to come. I will however also be aiming not to repeat my efforts last year and drag my big ass camera along with no battery. Yep, will avoid being a hot mess this time. Till then, I will change my outfits 1076 times, charge my battery and get a spray tan. Oh and get my nails done. Hmm that's a list of four already, maybe I should start writing this stuff down...

Jacket - Zara, Top - Willow, Skirt - Michael Lo Sordo, Heels - Saint Laurent



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